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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of October 01 to 08, 2013.

  1. OASIS help - libraries with mixed C/C++ part
  2. Feedback on the redesign and logo
  3. QCheck 0.1
  4. Other Caml News

OASIS help - libraries with mixed C/C++ part


Michał Kurcewicz asked and Philippe Veber replied:
> I am migrating some old code from OCamlMakefile to a oasis/ocamlbuild
> based build process. While the migration is generally straightforward, I
> have encountered some problems with a library where the C part includes
> mixed C/C++ code. Putting the C++ files into CSources: in _oasis does not
> seem to work, the files are not even copied over to the _build directory,
> changing the file extensions and adding some options (-x c++) also does not
> solve the problem. What is recommended way to build libraries that include
> a mixed C/C++ part using OASIS/ocamlbuild?

for an example you can have a look at a binding [1] of the Irrlicht 3d
engine (for the record my fork [2] currently has a small addition) or a
binding [3] I started (but never got very far) of the Ogre3D library. The
latter shows how to put the C++ files in a subdirectory, which was not that
easy to obtain.


ygrek also replied:
One also needs to link with stdc++
The following should work

  CCopt: -g -x c++ -O2 -Wextra -Wstrict-overflow=5 -fno-strict-aliasing -Wfatal-errors
  CClib: -lstdc++

Feedback on the redesign and logo


Amir Chaudhry said:
Just a brief reminder that I'd still like feedback on the OCaml logo and redesign work (see previous message below).

I'm continuing the discussion on the infrastructure list [1] about the
redesign and how we migrate the current site to the new design. If anyone
would like to join in please do so over there.


QCheck 0.1


Simon Cruanes announced:
I'm happy to announce the first release of a small QuickCheck
implementation for OCaml, named `QCheck`. It consists in writing
invariants as function t -> bool for some type t, and then checking that
the invariant holds on randomly generated instances of t.

QCheck is designed so that writing tests is as easy as possible[1],
especially for Arbitrary instances (the part where you generate random
values of a type) where it provides many combinators.

The library requires OCaml >= 4.00.1, and is available under the BSD
license on opam via:

    $ opam install qcheck

You can find documentation at:
source code at:
and some explanations here:

Other Caml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Thanks to Alp Mestan, we now include in the Caml Weekly News the links to the
recent posts from the ocamlcore planet blog at

FPDays 2013 Real World OCaml tutorial in Cambridge:

Announcing CCSS 1.4:


Using Travis for secure deployments with SSH:

SSL up again, special thanks to Gabriel Kerneis:

Uucd 1.0.0 and Uunf 0.9.2:

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