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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of May 19 to 26, 2009.

  1. OCaml version 3.11.1+rc0
  2. camlp5 5.12 compatible with ocaml 3.11.1
  3. Other Caml News

OCaml version 3.11.1+rc0


Damien Doligez announced:
It is our pleasure to announce that release 3.11.1 is imminent.  We have
uploaded a release candidate at this address:

See the list of changes below.

We need you to test this on as many system types as possible.  Please
report success or failure to <> as usual.

-- Damien

Objective Caml 3.11.1:

Bug fixes:
- PR#4095: ocamldebug: strange behaviour of control-C
- PR#4403: ocamldebug: improved handling of packed modules
- PR#4650: Str.regexp_case_fold mis-handling complemented character sets [^a]
- PR#4660: Scanf.format_from_string: handling of double quote
- PR#4666: Unix.exec* failure in multithread programs under MacOS X and FreeBSD
- PR#4667: debugger out of sync with dynlink changes
- PR#4678: random "out of memory" error with systhreads
- PR#4690: issue with dynamic loading under MacOS 10.5
- PR#4692: wrong error message with options -i and -pack passed to ocamlc
- PR#4699: in otherlibs/dbm, fixed construction of
- PR#4704: error in caml_modify_generational_global_root()
- PR#4708: (ocamldoc) improved printing of infix identifiers such as "lor".
- PR#4722: typo in configure script
- PR#4729: documented the fact that PF_INET6 is not available on all platforms
- PR#4730: incorrect typing involving abbreviation "type 'a t = 'a"
- PR#4731: incorrect quoting of arguments passed to the assembler on x86-64
- PR#4735: Unix.LargeFile.fstat cannot report size over 32bits on Win32
- PR#4740: guard against possible processor error in
- PR#4745: type inference wrongly produced non-generalizable type variables.
- PR#4749: better pipe size for win32unix
- PR#4756: printf: no error reported for wrong format '%_s'
- PR#4758: scanf: handling of \<newline> by format '%S'
- PR#4766: incorrect simplification of some type abbreviations.
- PR#4768: printf: %F does not respect width and precision specifications
- PR#4769: Format.bprintf fails to flush
- PR#4775: compiler crash on crazy types (temporary fix)
- PR#4776: bad interaction between exceptions and classes
- PR#4780: labltk build problem under Windows.
- PR#4790: under Windows, map ERROR_NO_DATA Win32 error to EPIPE Unix error.
- PR#4792: bug in Big_int.big_int_of_int64 on 32-bit platforms.
- Module Parsing: improved computation of locations when an ocamlyacc rule
                 starts with an empty nonterminal
- Type-checker: fixed wrong variance computation for private types
- x86-32 code generator, MSVC port: wrong "fld" instruction generated.
- ocamlbuild: incorrectly using the compile-time value of $OCAMLLIB
- Makefile problem when configured with -no-shared-libs
- ocamldoc: use dynamic loading in native code

Other changes:
- Improved wording of various error messages
 (contributed by Jonathan Davies, Citrix).
- Support for 64-bit mode in Solaris/x86 (PR#4670).

camlp5 5.12 compatible with ocaml 3.11.1


Daniel de Rauglaudre announced:
Camlp5 5.12 has been released, compatible with ocaml version 3.11.1.
Download at:

Other Caml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Thanks to Alp Mestan, we now include in the Caml Weekly News the links to the
recent posts from the ocamlcore planet blog at

Is Immutable Data Slow?:

FP-Syd #15.:

Looking for a message broker; semantics of the RabbitMQ STOMP adapter:

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