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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of September 29 to October 06, 2020.

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vue-jsoo 0.2

levillain.maxime announced

I'd like to announce the second release of vue-jsoo (vue-jsoo.0.2). A js_of_ocaml binding and helpers to use the vue-js framework with js_of_ocaml.

Xavier Van de Woestyne added

Here is the link: https://gitlab.com/o-labs/vue-jsoo


Rehabilitating packs using functors and recursivity, part 2

OCamlPro announced

Following the publication of the first part of our blogpost about the redemption of packs in the OCaml ecosystem, we are pleased to share "Rehabilitating packs using functors and recursivity, part 2."

This blog post and the previous one about functor packs covers two RFCs currently developed by OCamlPro and Jane Street. We previously introduced functor packs, a new feature adding the possiblity to compile packs as functors, allowing the user to implement functors as multiple source files or even parameterized libraries.

In this blog post, we will cover the other aspect of the packs rehabilitation: allowing anyone to implement recursive compilation units using packs (as described formally in the RFC#20). Our previous post introduced briefly how packs were compiled and why we needed some bits of closure conversion to effectively implement big functors. Once again, to implement recursive packs we will need to encode modules through this technique, as such we advise the reader to check at least the introduction and the compilation part of functor packs.

Clap 0.1.0 (Command-Line Argument Parsing)

rbardou announced

I am happy to announce the first release of Clap.

Clap is a library for command-line argument parsing. Clap works by directly consuming arguments in an imperative way. Traditionally, argument parsing in OCaml is done by first defining a specification (an OCaml value defining the types of arguments), and then parsing from this specification. The "impure" approach of Clap skips the need to define a specification and results in code which is quite simple in practice, with limited boilerplate.

Clap is available as an opam package (opam install clap).

Source code, API documentation and a full commented example are available at: https://github.com/rbardou/clap/


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