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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of December 14 to 21, 2021.

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Are you teaching using the Learn-OCaml platform?

Erik Martin-Dorel announced

The OCaml Software Foundation is developing the teaching platform Learn-OCaml that provides auto-graded exercises for OCaml, and was initially authored by OCamlPro for the OCaml MOOC: https://ocaml-sf.org/learn-ocaml/

The platform is free software and easy to deploy; this is great, but as a result we keep learning of users/deployments that we had no idea of. We would be interested in having a better view of our user-base. If you use Learn-OCaml as a teacher, could you answer this email (To: e.mdorel@gmail.com) and let us know?

Ideally we would like to know:

  • Where are you using Learn-OCaml? → in which university (in a specific course?), or in which company, online community or … ?
  • How many students/learners use your deployment in a year?

Also FYI:

A SOCKS implementation for OCaml

Renato Alencar announced

I have been working on a SOCKS implementation for OCaml and specially for MirageOS. It's not really complete or stable yet (not even published), it only has a couple of proof of concepts on the examples directory and it doesn't integrate with the well known libraries of the ecosystem.

I would like to ask for feedback, and some thoughts about how could we have that in Conduit and Cohttp for example, so It'd be just plugged in into those libraries without having to directly depending on it. I plan to implement that for those libraries and have it submitted upstream, but not without some clear thoughts about how to make a clear interface for that.

Besides being sloppy, I have a few issues described on GitHub, and it should be addressed on the next few days. Anyone is welcome to discuss those issues as some of them are still foggy for me, and having some other views on that would be great.



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