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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of September 11 to 18, 2018.

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Multicore OCaml continuous benchmarking & call for benchmarks

KC Sivaramakrishnan announced

I wrote a short post about the continuous benchmarking infrastructure we've deployed for Multicore OCaml + call for benchmark contributions from the community.

Dune 1.2.0

Rudi Grinberg announced

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of Dune 1.2.0. This release contains many new goodies which I will not describe here. This is because Etienne Millon has prepared a blog post for this release: https://gist.github.com/emillon/bab9b51d605dd018ea28728c05aa5c0b

I'd also like to personally thank him for all work he's done to make this release so great.

As usual, the change log is replicated below for your convenience.

Happy hacking!

1.2.0 (14/09/2018)

  • Ignore stderr output when trying to find out the number of jobs available (#1118, fix #1116, @diml)
  • Fix error message when the source directory of copy_files does not exist. (#1120, fix #1099, @emillon)
  • Highlight error locations in error messages (#1121, @emillon)
  • Display actual stanza when package is ambiguous (#1126, fix #1123, @emillon)
  • Add dune unstable-fmt to format dune files. The interface and syntax are still subject to change, so use with caution. (#1130, fix #940, @emillon)
  • Improve error message for dune utop without a library name (#1154, fix #1149, @emillon)
  • Fix parsing ocamllex stanza in jbuild files (#1150, @rgrinberg)
  • Highlight multi-line errors (#1131, @anuragsoni)
  • Do no try to generate shared libraries when this is not supported by the OS (#1165, fix #1051, @diml)
  • Fix Flags.write_{sexp,lines} in configurator by avoiding the use of Stdune.Path (#1175, fix #1161, @rgrinberg)
  • Add support for findlib.dynload: when linking an executable using findlib.dynload, automatically record linked in libraries and findlib predicates (#1172, @bobot)
  • Add support for promoting a selected list of files (#1192, @diml)
  • Add an emacs mode providing helpers to promote correction files (#1192, @diml)
  • Improve message suggesting to remove parentheses (#1196, fix #1173, @emillon)
  • Add (wrapped (transition "..message..")) as an option that will generate wrapped modules but keep unwrapped modules with a deprecation message to preserve compatibility. (#1188, fix #985, @rgrinberg)
  • Fix the flags passed to the ppx rewriter when using staged_pps (#1218, @diml)
  • Add (env var) to add a dependency to an environment variable. (#1186, @emillon)
  • Add a simple version of a polling mode: dune build -w keeps running and restarts the build when something change on the filesystem (#1140, @kodek16)
  • Cleanup the way we detect the library search path. We no longer call opam config var lib in the default build context (#1226, @diml)
  • Make test stanzas honor the -p flag. (#1236, fix #1231, @emillon)
  • Test stanzas take an optional (action) field to customize how they run (#1248, #1195, @emillon)
  • Add support for private modules via the private_modules field (#1241, fix #427, @rgrinberg)
  • Add support for passing arguments to the OCaml compiler via a response file when the list of arguments is too long (#1256, @diml)
  • Do not print diffs by default when running inside dune (#1260, @diml)
  • Interpret $ dune build dir as building the default alias in dir. (#1259, @rgrinberg)
  • Make the dynlink library available without findlib installed (#1270, fix #1264, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.2.1

Rudi Grinberg announced

Dune 1.2.1 includes a few critical bug fixes over 1.2.0. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

On behalf of the dune team,

Happy hacking.

Change log:

1.2.1 (17/09/2018)

  • Enrich the dune Emacs mode with syntax highlighting and indentation. New file dune-flymake to provide a hook dune-flymake-dune-mode-hook to enable linting of dune files. (#1265, @Chris00)
  • Pass link_flags to cc when compiling with Configurator.V1.c_test (#1274, @rgrinberg)
  • Fix digest calculation of aliases. It should take into account extra bindings passed to the alias (#1277, fix #1276, @rgrinberg)
  • Fix a bug causing dune to fail eagerly when an optional library isn't available (#1281, @diml)
  • ocamlmklib should use response files only if ocaml >= 4.08 (@1268, @bryphe)

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