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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of August 02 to 09, 2016.

  1. Make OCaml library available to Java
  2. OCaml-Fiddle (try OCaml everywhere)
  3. Other OCaml News

Make OCaml library available to Java

Archive: https://sympa.inria.fr/sympa/arc/caml-list/2016-08/msg00016.html

Deep in this thread, Hendrik Boom asked and Jeremy Yallop replied:
> There's soomething I've been wondering about.  OCaml keeps a minimum
> of type information at run-time -- one bit in each machine word tells
> whether it's a pointer or not.  Is OCaml's intermediate code stable
> enough that it could be used as intermediate code for another
> language, and compiled further using the usual OCaml toolchain?

That's the goal of the malfunction project:


OCaml-Fiddle (try OCaml everywhere)

Archive: https://sympa.inria.fr/sympa/arc/caml-list/2016-08/msg00018.html

Hongbo Zhang announced:
We are glad to announce the beta release of OCaml-Fiddle
(https://bloomberg.github.io/bucklescript/js-demo/), where you can write OCaml
snippet, run it in the browser and share with other people (by share button).

It also accept gist id in the format:

It is powered by BuckleScript and JSOO

Other OCaml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Here are links from many OCaml blogs aggregated at OCaml Planet,

Hask is not a category

Old cwn

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