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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of February 16 to 23, 2016.

  1. bigstring 0.1
  2. Coccinelle and the Dumper module
  3. Other OCaml News

bigstring 0.1


Simon Cruanes announced:
I released bigstring.0.1 yesterday, a small module for dealing with
bigarrays of chars. It used to be part of containers, but is useful on
its own for low level IO, mirage, etc.; hence the split.  The license is

Code, issues, etc. can be found at ,
and contributions and criticism are welcome.

Coccinelle and the Dumper module


Sébastien Hinderer asked and Richard Jones replied:
> With Coccinelle we distribute your Dumper module.
> I just noticed that the version we have is quite old and produces
> warnings when compiled.
> Is it okay if we distribute a modified version of the code to fix those
> warnings?

Yes.  I'm not sure if it was ever licensed properly, but I'm willing
now to (re?)license it under a liberal 3 clause, no advertising
requirement, BSD license:

This is pretty close to "do what you like with it".  I'm CC-ing this
to caml-list to put this in the public record.

> Is there a more recent version of the code available?

Not as far as I know, but if you search for "dumper.mli" you will see
many copies in different places, so I suppose you'll have to go check
if people have added useful features that you want.
Sébastien Hinderer said, Gabriel Scherer replied, and Richard Jones said:
Sébastien Hinderer:
>> Okay. I think we are fine with what we have, at the moment.
>> So there were two warnings, one about an unused "open Printf" and one
>> about an unused variable.
>> The attached version of the module fixes them.
>> I may also get rid of the "open Obj" statement and qualify all the
>> references to this module as I fnd this style more clear.

Gabriel Scherer:
> This "dump" code has lived on in Extlib (to which Richard
> participated, I believe), and is also part of Batteries. I know that
> ygrek, Extlib's current maintainers, has done some fixes to it (I
> think we ported them into Batteries), so you may want to look there.

Richard Jones:
Ah I see you are right.  I actually checked extlib before posting
that, but forgot that it was not a standalone module but added to the
'Std' module, here:

What I said about the licensing of my contributions still applies
(also 3 clause BSD & LGPL are compatible, so that's fine).

Other OCaml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Thanks to Alp Mestan, we now include in the OCaml Weekly News the links to the
recent posts from the ocamlcore planet blog at

Functional Jobs: Full-Stack Developer (Haskell/PureScript/ES6) at Canopy Education Inc. (Full-time)

OCamlCore Forge News: OCaml EFL 1.17.0 released

Github OCaml jobs: Full Time: Software Developer (Functional Programming) at Jane Street in New York, NY; London, UK; Hong Kong

Psellos: Twenty-Four Puzzle OCaml iOS App

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