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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of November 12 to 19, 2013.

  1. Software engineer position available at Cryptosense
  2. Engineer and funded PhD position available, formal methods applied to filesystems
  3. open-source software at OCamlPro and TypeRex-Pro
  4. Other Caml News

Software engineer position available at Cryptosense


Romain Bardou announced:
Cryptosense is a start-up company which develops formal tools for
finding and fixing security flaws in cryptographic systems. We use
model-checking and symbolic machine learning techniques, amongst other
technologies. Our tools are developed in OCaml.

Cryptosense is recruiting a junior and a senior software engineer.


You are an experienced programmer or recently qualified PhD. You
are proficient in at least one functional language. You want to
be part of a team of developers who follow agile programming
principles, and exchange and review each other's code. You like
to think outside the box to discover unexpected behavior that
might lead to security flaws. You are at ease holding technical
conversations in English.

Job description

You will be part of a small team during the exciting times of the
emergence of a new company.  Your work will have great impact on the
company's products, which are already being used to secure critical
infrastructure of organisations worldwide.

You will contribute to the design and code of robust software. Depending
on your skills and interests, you might work on one or several of the
- automatic reverse engineering and learning of the behaviour of API
- model-checking algorithms dedicated to finding cryptographic key
management vulnerabilities;
- domain-specific language to model cryptographic key management APIs,
similar to software verification;
- use of this DSL to model new APIs;
- robust monitoring and filtering tools;
- graphical user interfaces.

Expertise in system and server administration (Linux) is a plus. You
could be given responsibility for the stability of our server for our

Salary is negotiable and will depend on experience. Stock options are
a possibility. The positions will be available from December 2013.


Our office is located in Paris, between Montparnasse and the Jardin du


Send your CV and cover letter to Informal
enquiries are also welcome.

Engineer and funded PhD position available, formal methods applied to filesystems


Tom Ridge announced:

The goal of the EPSRC-funded "Future filesystems" project is to apply
formal methods to the specification, validation, implementation and
verification of filesystems. The PI is Tom Ridge

We have 2 positions available.

Position: engineer (6 months)

We seek a skilled programmer/developer/engineer to help with
validation of a specification of POSIX-like filesystems. The
specification is written in a pure subset of OCaml, and much of the
supporting infrastructure is also written in OCaml. Further details
are here:

The closing date for applications is ***Wednesday, November 20th***
(i.e. very soon).

Position: PhD student

We may also have funds to support a PhD student. The student may work
on the project described above, or may choose to work on another topic
broadly in the area of formal methods and theorem proving. Please
contact Tom Ridge (tr61 at if you are interested (include a
CV and a statement describing your proposed research topic). A formal
advert may appear in the future, depending on availability of funds.

open-source software at OCamlPro and TypeRex-Pro


OCamlPro announced:
We have been contributing to the OCaml ecosystem for more than two
years now, with open-source tools (opam, ocp-indent, ocp-build, etc.),
open-source libraries (ocplib-endian, ocplib-wxOCaml), websites
( and documentation (Cheat Sheets), all gathered
under the code name TypeRex (, and thanks to
our long term and close partnership with Jane Street who has helped
fund a large part of these projects.

Some of these projects, like opam, already have a major impact on the
accessibility and usability of OCaml. We think that many of our
upcoming projects, already partially released or still under
development, will also change a lot the OCaml open-source

That's why we decided to launch, alongside with our existing
services (training, custom development, compiler optimization...) a
subscription service, TypeRex-Pro, which is an annual subscription
with OCamlPro.

You may want to subscribe to TypeRex-Pro if you want :
 * to get technical expertise in your daily use of OCaml, OCamlPro's
   open-source software, and the OCaml open-source ecosystem in general
 * to support our work of developing open-source tools and libraries for OCaml
 * to be the first to access our new open-source projects, before they are
   officially released
 * to get involved in the discussions about our open-source roadmap

 More details are available on the TypeRex-Pro webpage:

Other Caml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Thanks to Alp Mestan, we now include in the Caml Weekly News the links to the
recent posts from the ocamlcore planet blog at

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