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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of May 08 to 15, 2012.

  1. camlp4 and generating class definitions
  2. Barista 2.0-alpha3
  3. OCaml Users and Developers (OUD)
  4. 108.00-pre2 pre-release of Core suite
  5. Any tool for unit tests as comments in OCaml source?
  6. Other Caml News

camlp4 and generating class definitions


Joel Reymont asked and Jacques Garrigue replied:
> I would like to auto-generate an object with a couple of mutable
> fields and some methods.
> I would then like to pretty-print the code into a file.
> Are there any examples showing how to do this with camlp4?

My syntax extension for properties does that.
I haven't tested it recently but hopefully it still works.
Philippe Veber also replied:
You can have a look at Martin Jambon's col syntax extension :

Have a look at, starting line 400.

Barista 2.0-alpha3


Xavier Clerc announced:
This post announces the 2.0-alpha3 release of the Barista project, whose goal
is to provide a library for Java class file construction and a Java
[dis]assembler, released under the LGPLv3.
This new version fixes several critical bugs.

Home page:
Forge page:

Main changes since 2.0-alpha2:
  - support for '*.sym' and '*.war' files in classpath
  - 'JAVA_HOME' environment variable used to load JDK classes
  - '/usr/libexec/java_home' utility used to load JDK classes (MacOS X)
  - 'Predef' module renamed to 'Predefined'
  - peephole rule for optimization of load/load sequences
  - no automatic detection of 'ocamljava' binary
  - bug #99: wrong packing of int32 into int64
  - bug: ocamlbuild plugin for ocamljava-based compilation
  - bug: invalid stack maps when double/long is followed by top
  - bug: invalid locals size when over 255
  - bug: incorrect graph flattening when wide gotos are used
  - bug: install 'cmi' file

OCaml Users and Developers (OUD)


Didier Remy announced:
Dear OCaml Users and Developers,

This is a reminder that this year "OCaml Meeting", renamed the "OCaml
Users and Developers workshop (OUD)", will be colocated with ICFP in
Copenhagen, Denmark on September 14th.

The deadline for submitting Talk Proposals is 8th June 2012,  only few
weeks away.  Visit for all details.

Don't miss it!


                            OUD 2012
                     CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS
                       Copenhagen, Denmark
                           Fri, Sep 14th
                      Co-located with ICFP 2012
                        Sponsored by SIGPLAN
            Talk Proposal Submission Deadline 8th June 2012

In 2012, the OCaml Meeting will be renamed the OCaml Users and Developers
workshop (OUD), and be colocated with ICFP in Copenhagen, Denmark. It
will be held on Friday September 14, after the ML workshop (Thu 13)
and before the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (Sat 15).

The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop will bring together industrial
users of OCaml with academics and hackers who are working on extending the
language, type system and tools. Discussion will focus on the practical
aspects of OCaml programming and the nitty gritty of the tool-chain and
upcoming improvements and changes.  Thus, we aim to solicit talks on
all aspects related to improving the use or development of the language,
including, for example:

- compiler developments; new backends, runtime and architectures.
- practical type system improvements, such as (but not exhaustively) 
  GADTs, first-class modules, generic programming, or dependent types.
- new library or application releases, and their design rationales.
- tool enhancements by commercial consultants. 
- prominent industrial uses of OCaml, or deployments in unusual

It will be an informal meeting, with an online scribe report of the
meeting, but no formal proceedings for this year. Slides of presentations
will be available online from the workshop homepage.

To submit a talk, please register an abstract or outline (1-2 pages) at with as much information as you feel will
support the proposal.  If you wish to perform a demo or require any
special setup, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, 8th June 2012
Notification to Speakers: Friday, 6th July 2012
Workshop: Fri, 14th September 2012

Program Committee 

* Didier Remy (co-chair)
* Anil Madhavapeddy (co-chair)
* Alain Frisch
* Jacques Garrigue
* Thomas Gazagnaire
* Martin Jambon
* Richard Jones

If you have any questions, please e-mail:
Didier Remy 
<didier.remy AT>
Anil Madhavapeddy 
<avsm2 AT>

108.00-pre2 pre-release of Core suite


Yaron Minsky announced:
I'm pleased to announce the 108.00-pre2 pre-release of the Core suite
of libraries.  Core is an industrial strength alternative to OCaml's
standard library.  The tarball can be found here:

The Core suite includes a variety of useful libraries, including:

- Core: the heart of the standard library.
- Several useful syntax extensions
 - type-conv: a library for building type-driven syntax extensions
 - sexplib: a library for handling s-expressions, and a syntax
   extension for auto-generating conversions between OCaml types and
 - bin-prot: a syntax-extensions for generating
 - pipebang
 - variantslib
 - comparelib
 - fieldslib
- Async: a monadic concurrency library.
- Core_extended: extra components that are not as closely vetted or as
 stable as Core.  This includes, Shell, an interface for interacting
 with the UNIX shell, and Command, a command-line parsing library.

Many of these libraries have been released separately in the past, but
we're now releasing them as a single tarball.

The release does not depend on Oasis to build, so it should be easier
to build and install than installing from the hg repo.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!  You can join the core mailing list here:!forum/ocaml-core

Any tool for unit tests as comments in OCaml source?


Francois Berenger asked and Thibault Suzanne replied:
> What's the gold standard in OCaml to have
> unit test as comments in source code in order
> for a tool to automatically extract them
> and generate a test suite?

I don't know if it's a "gold standard", but Batteries uses qtest. The
documentation (clear and concise in my opinion) can be found at
Cedric Cellier then added:
There's some work going on around batteries qtest program. See for instance 
this wiki page on batteries tests:

Other Caml News

From the ocamlcore planet blog:
Thanks to Alp Mestan, we now include in the Caml Weekly News the links to the
recent posts from the ocamlcore planet blog at

Barista: 2.0-alpha3:


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