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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of April 07 to 14, 2009.

  1. Amthing - a multi-threaded GUI library

Amthing - a multi-threaded GUI library


Ogasawara Satoshi announced:
I'm please to announce the  first public release of Amthing, a multi-threaded 
GUI library for OCaml.

Features are:

- Multi-threaded design using Concurrent ML style message passing.
- Time-line animation and functional reactive sprite system.
- X11 Binding.
- 2D vector rendering by cairo.

Here's a "Hello world" example of Amthing.

 open Ccell 
 open Event
 open Amthing.Util.Persavatives

 module W = Amthing.Core.Window ( Amthing.XWindow )
 module K = Amthing.KeyCode
 module E = Amthing.WinEvent
 module S = Amthing.Sprite
 module C = Amthing.Component
 let wh = W.make  (Amthing.XWindow.default_parameter ()) 
 let tc = lazy (W.make_text_context wh)

 let _ =
   W.resize wh {| x = 0; y = 0; w = 200; h = 200 |};
   let hello =
     new S.label !$tc "hello world!"
       +> S.set (`X 55.)
       +> S.set (`Y 90.)
       +> S.set (`Color
       +> C.make
   W.add_visible wh hello;
   W.set_title wh "amthing hello world!"; wh;
   let main_loop () =
     match select [ Bcast.receive (W.event wh) ] with
       `KEY_PRESS input when E.key_code input = Some K._q ->
	      W.close wh;
	      exit 0
     | #E.t -> ()
   forever main_loop ()

you can clone the repository from OCamlForge subversion :

 svn checkout svn://

or view souce code on the web.

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