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Here is the latest Caml Weekly News, for the week of December 09 to 16, 2008.

There won't be a CWN next week. Merry Christmas to all!

  1. OCaml version 3.11.0 released
  2. pa_monad 6.0
  3. daml - a CUDA binding
  4. SICSA Chairs, Lectureships and Research Fellowships at St Andrews

OCaml version 3.11.0 released


Xavier Leroy announced:
Binary distributions for Windows (MSVC and Mingw toolchains) are now
available from the usual place:


pa_monad 6.0


Jacques, Lydia and Oleg announced:
pa_monad has been updated to work with Objective Caml 3.11.0.  Quite a 
lot of maintenance work has also been performed (including a renumbering 
of the versions to be less haphazard).  See for details.

daml - a CUDA binding


Sashan Govender announced:
I've uploaded some work on a CUDA binding to OCaml  that I've been
doing in my spare time over here Here's a brief summary of
what you can do with it at the moment:

- allocate memory on a gpu
- deallocate that resource
- copy and integer array from OCaml onto the gpu
- execute a kernel function to process the data on the gpu
- copy the result back into the OCaml array.

There are a few example programs in the repository as well.

Pretty basic but gotta start somewhere and my time for free software is

Things to todo:
- Devise a strategy for minimizing copies from the host data structure
to the gpu.
- Expose more of the CUDA runtime API (this can for the most part be
done with camlidl)
- Expose the CUDA driver API.
- Write some more example progams.
- Tidy up the OMakefiles.

Any feedback appreciated.

There's a mailing list here for

SICSA Chairs, Lectureships and Research Fellowships at St Andrews


Kevin Hammond:
The School of Computer Science is about to advertise 2 chairs (full
professor), 1 lectureship (assistant professor) and 2 postdoctoral research
fellowships, with a closing date of 27th February 2009. The posts are
sponsored by SICSA (the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance).

The chairs and lectureship are permanent, tenured positions.  The fellowships
are three-year positions.  There will be additional lectureships advertised in
the future.

Applications from good researchers welcomed.

I would be happy to answer general questions about the School, town etc., of

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