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Augustin a un coin aménagé pour faire ses légos ici à Bologne ...


Et ces derniers jours il nous a gratifié de quelques jolies créations.

Un commissariat:


Un passage à niveau (avec quelques engins de chantier en arrière plan):


Un avion spatial (un peu flou malheureusement):


Je vous épargne la cabane du chantier, le bateau de police, le robot ambulance ...

Augustin and Flash Games

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Augustin likes to use the Lego Digital Designer tool to build some things he does not have enough bricks to do for real. It's really nice to see him manipulate these 3D models, rotate them, add one brick here or there, and ask that we save the final result before we quit the program.

He also likes clicking everywhere, so he often ends up on the Lego web site, looking at existing models, sometimes finding some Lego movies and ... Lego flash games (at the moment this one).

I see in him the same fascination I had when I was 7 or 8 and going to some friend to play the Atari VCS. The mechanics of the games are also fairly simple, the graphics of the flash game are just amazingly better. And he's having simple fun.

I guess I'll have to start hiding my Nintendo DS.

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