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I thought it was working, but I realized it was not until I tested with my OpenID. So if you have one, don't hesitate to use it to comment. And if you want to simply associate it to your domain name, there are some simple instructions available.

Upgraded to Movable Type 4.1


I just did the upgrade of this blog to Movable Type 4.1. If you notice anything untidy, let me know.

Migration terminée


Cela a pris un peu plus de temps que prévu, mais tous les billets et commentaires de l'ancien blogs ont été migrés sur le nouveau. Je vais enfin pouvoir parler d'autre chose ;-)

Flux RSS / RSS Feed


Si vous lisez ce blog par son flux RSS et si vous n'avez pas vu de mise à jour depuis plus d'une semaine, c'est probablement que vous n'avez pas vu passer le billet où j'annonçais le déménagement du blog. En fait il n'a pas bougé, mais l'adresse du flux est différente: il faut utiliser celle-ci à la place. J'ai mis un lien de l'ancien flux vers le nouveau, mais comme il est de type différent, vous aurez peut-être des problèmes d'affichage sur votre lecteur. Désolé pour le dérangement.

If you are reading this blog through its RSS fee, and if you haven't seen any update for more than a week, it's probably that you missed the post where I was announcing that the blog was moving. Well, it did not actually move, but the feed address has changed: you should now use this one instead. I did put a link from the old feed to the new one, but as they are of different format, you might have some display issues with your aggregator. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Migration de ce blog


Je migre petit à petit les anciens billets de ce blog vers le nouveau système, et même si cela prend un peu de temps, cela se passe plutôt bien (j'en suis à la mi-juin 2006, il me reste une quarantaine de billets à migrer). J'en profite pour intégrer également les anciens commentaires, hébergés sur Haloscan. Comme cela, si ce dernier venait à disparaître, il n'entraînerait pas ces commentaires avec lui.

A ce sujet, si vous avez deux minutes et souhaitez essayer de poster un commentaire sous ce billet, je serais curieux d'avoir votre avis: est-ce que c'est plus simple qu'avant ? Préférez-vous l'ancien système ?

As you may have seen, I decided to change the way I post information on this blog. I was not happy with the way RapidWeaver lets me manage draft posts, and I have found an hindrance to have to wait until a post is fully incubated before posting it. A solution used by many is MarsEdit, which I'm using right now to edit this post (well, to be completely truthful: I'll use MarsEdit to publish the post, right now I'm writing it in TextMate using Markdown syntax). MarsEdit seems to be a very simple application (I'm sure it's very complex under the hood) that lets one manage blogs and posts on these blogs. However it does not work with RapidWeaver, so to use it I'd need to switch systems.

Yesterday, I went to MarsEdit forums and asked about this, and Daniel Jalkut (the current developer of MarsEdit) suggested two platforms: Blogger and WordPress. Blogger did not really appeal to me, and WordPress requires installing MySQL (more on this later). Moreover, one site I really like, Daring Fireball, uses MarsEdit and ... Movable Type, and I found a very interesting post comparing the three and choosing the latter. The nail in the coffin was discovering that Movable Type supports a sqlite backend, which is included in OS X Tiger. As I only have a command line access to my web server, installing MySQL felt a little too much work, so I decided to go with Movable Type.

So here are the steps I followed to get this working. I was lucky to find a very useful tutorial at MacZealots, but as it was for an older version of MT, I had to change a few things.

First of all, one great thing is I did not have to touch the Apache configuration.

I downloaded DBI and DBD-SQLite and went through the usual for each of them:

perl Makefile.PL
sudo make install

I also (later) downloaded and installed Mail-Sendmail to have my machine send me some mails when necessary (typically to approve or reject a comment).

I downloaded MT (version 4.01) and uncompressed it (the tricky bit was realizing that it was gzipped twice...). I then moved it to the CGI directory, changing its name to "mt":

mv MT-4.01-en /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/mt

I took the mt-static folder that was inside it and moved it to my document root (as by default these files are not accessible under the CGI-Executable directory). I created a folder to hold my database in the CGI mt folder.

Now a very important step:

sudo chown -R www /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/mt
sudo chown -R www /mywebroot/mt-static

Until I did this I kept getting an error when finalizing the installation: MT was telling me that there was a dbi:driver problem and that it could not find my database.

I next check that I could access the cgi by going to http://yourwebsite/cgi-bin/mt/mt-check.cgi

I then created a directory where the files would be published, and made sure it was owned by www as well.

I finally ran http://yourwebsite/cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi which created my configuration file and my site.

If you find this useful, or if you find there is a mistake here, don't hesitate to leave me a comment. And they don't use Haloscan anymore ;-)

Importation des vieux billets


Je vais commencer à importer les vieux billets de l'ancien blog, et je les effacerai au fur et à mesure de l'autre blog. J'espère que cela va se passer sans trop de soucis ;-)

Bienvenue / Welcome


(English version below.)

J'ai finalement décidé de changer de système de blog et de passer à des pages statiques (générées par RapidWeaver au système Movable Type. L'installation s'est plutôt bien passée, je pense que j'en parlerai dans un futur billet. Les anciens billets sont toujours accessible, sur l'ancien blog (qui a changé d'adresse). C'est aussi l'occasion de tester MarsEdit, avec lequel je compte éditer ce blog.

I finally decided to switch my blog system from static pages generated using RapidWeaver to the Movable Type system. The installation went fairly well and I may write a post about it. The old posts are still available on the old blog (whose URL has changed). I also seize this opportunity to test MarsEdit, with which I'm thinking of editing this blog.

Blog moving


I'm moving to Movable Type for this blog, so excuse the mess while the change takes place. I've put the old version away and moved the new one in its place. I'm migrating the posts so they'll slowly disappear from the old version as they appear in the new one.

Problem with RSS feed


I've just been told there is a problem with the RSS feed of this blog. I'm investigating it but at the moment I cannot find where the issue is. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update on May 4, 2007: It seems that the problem was a non printable character in the middle of an entry. It should be fixed now.

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