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Google and Apple are two companies which I very dearly admire. I find them insanely innovating and take much pleasure in following closely what they do. I played along with Google Wave, I use Gmail, and read my feeds with Google Reader. I've even been using Google Buzz and slowly replacing my Twitter usage with it. On the Apple side, I've been using OS X and the “ecosphere” around it for more than five years. I truly believe that the iPad will make a difference, mainly for the non-geeks among us.

Anyway, I was reading this very interesting article from Ars Technica, about the failure of Buzz, and it got me thinking. These two companies spend their time innovating, but they do it in such different ways!

Google does everything in the open. It tries stuff, calls it beta, sends a limited number of invitations, and hopes the buzz (no pun intended) will carry it through. Its past is littered with failed experiments and dashed hopes, yet hidden by the successful stuff.

Apple barely says anything. It lets hopes run high and disappointment higher, and releases things only when it believes it's ready. It aims at a polished, congenial user experience, even if it means alienating the true believers who had high hopes for world changing new gadgets.

I guess that one could say that Google innovates, and Apple delivers. And it's great they both exist.

This post was delivered by a Google and Apple fanboy ;-)

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