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Ce week-end, j'ai joué à


par ordre chronologique

  • Santiago
  • Aber bitte mit Sahne
  • Race for the Galaxy (2 fois)
  • Nexus Ops
  • Aber bitte mit Sahne
  • Neuroshima Hex
  • Pitch Car
  • Zooloretto
  • Le Havre
  • World of Warcraft (le jeu de plateau)
  • Cutthroat Caverns
  • Race for the Galaxy (3 fois)

Merci les Jestraordinaires dans le Vercors !

En bonus, la photo d'avant le départ:


I would really like for MarsEdit to evolve from an offline blogging tool to a full-fledged blog management system. This would provide great features such as: - offline storing of blog content, assets, and metadata (such as tags or categories), - easy migration between blogging systems, and easy simultaneous publishing to multiple blogging systems.

There are already many features in MarsEdit that hint toward that directions. To get there it seems that what's missing is: - storing every post (and not the most recent ones), - synchronization of content (if it is modified on the blog and not only on MarsEdit).

Synchronization is a difficult one, especially for efficiency (it would take a while to make sure that no post on the blog has changed). I guess it should only be automatic on a number of recent posts, with the possibility to manually synchronize everything.

I know I'm dreaming aloud, but I thought I should share this.

(If you want to comment on this, you can send me an email, or directly reply on the MarsEdit forum where I also posted this.)

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