Jille Bolte Taylor's talk at TED

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Tonight is TED talks night. I first watched the new Gore talk, which was pretty good. My next talk is going to be Nicholas Negroponte's 1984 talk (well, the part of it that still available).

But in between I just watched Jill Bolte Taylor's talk. And this just floored me. It's ... well, it's just something you have to watch. The whole thing.


chezfugu Author Profile Page said:

I've never heard of TED. Now I have. This is awesome. I watched (listened) to all three of the links here, enthralled. I especially liked the Taylor and Negroponte talks. About Negroponte, I had the chance to spend some quality time at MIT's Media Lab with Mitchel Resnick as a science journalism grad student at Boston University back in 2000. I was there to film a short documentary about emergence...one of my favorite topics. What an amazing place. If there is a place I'd like to work, it's the media lab. As for Bolte's talk, it floored me too. At any rate, thanks for this tip. Have you explored edge.org?

Alan Schmitt Author Profile Page said:

I did not know about edge.org, I'll have a look at it.

There are many great talks on TED, I guess I should write a post about my favorite ones. Yet one more draft to put in MarsEdit ;-)

Ellen said:

I've been recommending a book by Jill Bolte Taylor called "My Stroke of Insight" to everyone I know. It's an amazing story, both uplifting and powerful on three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual, but the spiritual aspect alone makes this the best book I've read all year.

How often do you get to hear a neuroscientist describe having a stroke, nearly dying and finding Nirvana, and then making a miraculous recovery so that she's back to teaching medical students!?!

I came away with a renewed sense of understanding, wonder and hopefulness about the capabilities of the human brain. I give "My Stroke of Insight" highest marks!

You can get the book for just $16.47 with free shipping from Amazon!

Russell said:

The New York Times Sunday Newspaper on May 25 had a great two page article on Jill Bolte Taylor and her book, "MY STROKE OF INSIGHT". Her book is a must read and this NY Times article - called "A Superhighway to bliss" is worth checking out too.

Alan Schmitt Author Profile Page said:

Russell: Thanks for the comment. I searched for this article, and here it is:

Cardello said:

I read "My Stroke of Insight" in one sitting - I couldn't put it down. I laughed. I cried. It was a fantastic book (I heard it's a NYTimes Bestseller and I can see why!), but I also think it will be the start of a new, transformative Movement! No one wants to have a stroke as Jill Bolte Taylor did, but her experience can teach us all how to live better lives. Her TED.com speech was one of the most incredibly moving, stimulating, wonderful videos I've ever seen. Her Oprah Soul Series interviews were fascinating. They should make a movie of her life so everyone sees it. This is the Real Deal and gives me hope for humanity.

Goldie said:

MY STROKE OF INSIGHT was ranked #5 in all books sold on Amazon today and #1 in Memoirs above even Barbara Walters' memoir. Babs had been promoting her book for months in advance and Dr. Taylor's book was self-published.

Then Oprah recommended it. There's the Power of Now, and then there's the Power of Oprah!!

"My Stroke of Insight" is out in Hardcover now for less than the old paperback edition. Amazon has it for 40% off.

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