Départ en Vacances


Nous partons tous les 3.9 en vacances demain, à Saint Nizier Du Moucherotte, histoire de nous reposer un peu avant l'heureux événement.

Je vous laisse deviner ce que nous y ferons à l'aide de photos de préparation des bagages ;-)



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Geoff | 11.02.07 - 22:25

We're leaving for a week of vacations and taking way too many boardgames with us clin_oeil.gif
Alan Schmitt | Homepage | 12.02.07 - 09:11

Enjoy the trip up to St. Nizier; that (especially staring up at that three-headed rock formations) was one of my favorite climbs out of the city content.gif
Nate | 13.02.07 - 14:02

If anybody reads this comment by Nate, one should know he used to bike up there... But we're having a great time clin_oeil.gif
Alan Schmitt | Homepage | 15.02.07 - 15:16

As you see, Chris organizes a nice vacation, finds a place to go to with loads to do... And Al' brings on board games which could be played about anywhere on the planet clin_oeil.gif
Gotta be fair though: we had a good time discovering and enjoying the surroundings + playing all the 3 of us before dinner every evening.
Sapientia | 17.02.07 - 22:09

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