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Playing a "Game of Thrones"


Here is an answer I wrote to a post on Geoff's blog.

I really enjoyed playing the Game of Thrones, it was really nice. What I liked the most is the diplomacy aspects to it, that come naturally. It's such a crowded board (well, maybe for the house of Stark at the beginning) that after the first turn land grab one needs to talk to his neighbors. I would probably have not fared that well if I had not made peace with Tyrell, played by Brian. Helping Baratheon (Steve) progress in the north while attacking his south was fun as well.

Another nice aspect was that it was one of the first times that I was witnessing an obvious prisoner's dilemma. Both Brian or I could play traitors, which would waste resources in war, or play nice. But the one moving first would have a definite advantage. I guess that the fact that any start of war would make it continue for a few turns made us weary of going for it at the beginning, but as the game advanced, and the number of remaining turns decreased, the chance of an all out war greatly increased (in fact Brian was planning on attacking me the turn Stephanie won).

2 commentaires were on Haloscan

Bonjour, bonjour, je m'appelle Odette.

Je m'excuse d'intervenir dans votre blog (au passage, je trouve les questionnements interessants vis a vis de l'actualité), mais j'essaie par tous les moyens de retrouver Cristelle Dolores Averland.
Grâce à Internet, je crois avoir découvert qu'elle est devenue votre épouse. Peut être pourriez vous nous mettre en relation. A titre de rappel, nous étions au lycée Colbert ensemble. Merci bien. Odette
odette pereira | 26.09.06 - 14:42

J'ai bien reçu votre mail, je lui transmets ce soir.

Alan Schmitt | Homepage | 26.09.06 - 16:45

Enjoying the Lounge


For my trip back from Philadelphia to France, a pleasant surprise awaited me. It was not getting upgraded to business (which may still happen as I have not yet boarded the plane), but being invited to spend the two hours before my flight in the lounge. I guess this is one of the few advantages of having a Flying Blue Silver card (which, for some unknown but probably stupid reasons, I'm proud of).

So how is this lounge? It's quiet, really quiet. There are nice couches, free drinks (I'm enjoying a Yuengling typing this), power for the laptop, but unfortunately no free wireless. I haven't checked the "Work Carrels" that may have ethernet connections, but it's as good not to have access to the net I guess, so that I con do more productive things (well, what I should really be doing is writing down my presentation for ICAR2006, but I feel too tired for that right now).

So, is this really worth it? I guess it beats sitting in the waiting chairs by the boarding area, or at tiny tables in the bar with the TV turned on way too loud. (There is a TV area here, isolated from the rest.) And they announce when flights start boarding, so there is no need to leave too early. So I guess this makes flying more bearable, but it's not something I'll regret if I'm not invited again.

Flying business class is another story altogether, though ;-)

Des vacances (et de Vulcania)


Je profite d'un moment de répit chez mes parents (où nous passons quelques jours avant mon départ pour Philadelphie) pour enfin parler des superbes vacances que nous avons prises fin juillet.

Voici quelques moments forts des vacances.

  • Vulcania est vraiment un site à visiter. L'environnement est très beau (vue sur le Puy-de-Dôme), l'exposition est riche (nous y avons passé la journée et nous n'avons pas tout vu) et variée. Tout le monde y a trouvé son compte, en particulier Augustin qui est maintenant passionné de volcans. C'est un peu cher (compter 20 € par adulte et une restauration pas donnée), mais l'aménagement du site est très bien fait avec de nombreux détails utiles (aire de jeux extérieur pour les enfants, chauffe-biberon disponibles aux endroits où changer les bébés ...).
  • Les marais salants de l'Ile d'Oléron (désolé, pas de lien) ont été recréés il y a une dizaine d'années et produisent effectivement du sel. J'ignorai que faire du sel (ou de la fleur de sel) demande autant de travail. C'est un bel artisanat.
  • La reconstruction de l'Hermione est un projet fascinant. En 1780, La Fayette a pris la mer à bord d'une frégate, l'Hermione, pour aller aider les insurgés américains à gagner leur indépendance. Ce navire a disparu, mais une association a commencé sa reconstruction depuis 1997 et on peut la visiter. J'ai l'impression que le chantier est bien avancé mais je ne sais pas trop quand il est censé se terminer. En tout cas, si vous passez dans le coin de Rochefort, c'est à voir.

Testing the RW Markdown plugin


So I've decided to try using Markdown with RapidWeaver, and it works great :) I'll have to play more with it, but this is looking very nice.

Now I need to see if I can easily edit a page with an external editor (I'm thinking of TextMate which I'm tempted to try again).

This entry was of course edited with the plugin.

Updated to RW 3.5 beta 3


I decided it was the time to bite the bullet and upgrade RapidWeaver. Everything worked out of the box ;-)

Next, I need to try the Markdown plugin. I guess a note about the vacations we just came back from would be the perfect excuse.

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